Yoga Fitness Videos

Pick The Routine That Is Right For You!

An instructional DVD

Interactive video intended to revitalize and strengthen both beginning and intermediate with the invigorating energy. A progressive program of sequences from salutations to innovative dancing technique, featuring two hours of immersive material, tutorial instruction in the techniques of yoga practices. Complete with voice instruction to guide your own practice and show you advanced practices to reveal new levels of power, intuition, ease and reward in your yoga. Provides many benefits beyond flexibility and improved strength, a result of yoga's ability to burn calories and increase metabolism inspiring programs. A great way to lose weight, build muscle, tone your body and increase stamina. Interactive DVD allows you to take control of your workout like no other video and pick the routine that is right for you. First, choose the type of workout you want and then decide the workout time. Movements are more rapid and more aerobic. Designed for people with poor vision and conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. This unique program seamlessly blends deep energizing breaths, linked with specific yoga postures to train your heart and lungs, challenge your muscles as well as turn up your internal furnace to burn calories!

The Practice of Yoga

An easy-to-use menu for designing your own sequence of vinyasas for restoration and relaxation. Power yoga is a contemporary version of a rigorous sequence of flowing, fast-moving poses. Power Yoga Collection includes two 20-minute workouts to improve physical performance, confidence and release tension. The poses in this video will empower you to take charge of your own back to improve posture and reduce pain and discomfort. It gives you the latest video technology to create an evolving home yoga practice suited perfectly to your personal needs. Well respected and revered throughout the world for his deep love and commitment to the practice of yoga. Flexibility increases and tension in the body and mind decrease. Loosen your muscles, and notice a greater range of motion in your joints. The evening workout video frees your body and mind of the tension accumulated throughout the day.

Yoga Burn workout DVD

This innovative Yoga Burn workout DVD combines continual transition between essential yoga moves with resistance. Deep abdominal workout that tightens the abdominals while it strengthens the back, and a restorative section with relaxation. The resulting shapes lean muscle and boosts metabolism faster Bonus features include profiles on each surfer as well as a guided to meditation. The advanced poses are great for developing surfing fitness and mental focus. Elevates the practitioner to a higher level of expertise, introducing the more challenging inverted poses and enhancing the familiar poses with more detail.

Change Your Body and Awaken

By adding more movement to your routine, you’ll definitely boost your heart rate and increase your stamina and power your aerobic system. In a bonus post-workout tutorial, Evamarie offers additional helpful hints and answers frequently asked of fitness and yoga questions. There's a yoga routine for toning the abs and strengthening the low back, one for overall stretching and toning, one for energy, and one for total relaxation. Breathing exercises to tune you in to your body and the power of your thoughts; and meditation and affirmations for a new source of inspiration & commitment. You can perform each routine individually or combine them for a truly customized program. Transform your body and feel the energy and power that have attracted thousands of people. You will work through a sequence of postures that are not only designed to keep you happy in the moment. The author of the best-selling book Journey Into Power and 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Benefits of pre-natal yoga practice: Increases endurance and stamina. A Breakthrough Program to Radically Builds strength and flexibility, improves concentration and breath awareness.

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