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Movements and steps the beginner student will need to know, with detailed visual instruction on how to execute all of the movements, positions and steps. Focuses on choreography, stage presence, and performance quality. Administer self-testing on the ballet techniques and principles and get instant feedback. Designed for the intermediate and advanced dancer, the three routines are taught in segments with both front and back views The class is performed at 2 levels for beginner and advanced beginner student. New ballet steps and trickier footwork are introduced to make the combinations unique. Ballet is a graceful workout that can improve carriage, increase flexibility and strengthen the body. As the class is taught, the terminology of the movements and steps are recited to help familiarize and reinforce the use of terminology in the ballet class. You'll feel the power to create, ad-lib, and choreograph on your own. That Dance will encourage dancers to tap the range and versatility they all possess. Use hot links to access information about key terms; Study technical points on correct execution of beginning classical ballet. For dancers who have reached the intermediate level and are now aspiring to achieve a greater degree of professionalism in their work. For instructors, teaching a beginning ballet class can be a challenge. This unique video incorporates both modern and jazz styles to illustrate a variety of ways to create powerful choreography that will excite your audience. This workout is presented in three parts: Floorwork, which consists of a series of stretches designed to leave the muscles warmed-up and flexible.

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