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Accessible yoga programs, the third in the Yoga. Friendly and unintimidating, this class offers the benefits and joys of yoga in a way that is adaptable to any level of ability. Every Day Yoga for Every Body is a gift to yourself. Yoga Conditoning for Weight Loss begines with seated breathing awareness to gently center yourself and eases you into a series of modified standing and seated posture. P.M. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss with standing breathing awareness. The deluxe DVD edition includes both practices, bonus full posture and breathing practice. Yoga brings an exhilarating change of pace and style to traditional yoga. After a yoga warm-up, you will do both standing and floor poses.

20 Minute Martial Arts

Basics offers a fun warm up with a variety of stretches; upper body sculpting for your chest, back, shoulders & arms; lower body sculpting to tone your legs. Fat burning workout to chisel your midsection; a relaxing cool down. With an interval based cardio routine to maximize fat loss. Finish with a lower-body routine to build leaner legs, sleeker hips and a more defined butt.

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